Saskatchewan Bill of Rights

I noticed that the historic Saskatchewan Bill of Rights didn't have a readily available formatted copy in the same way that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Canadian Bill of Rights do. It's an important document because its success kickstarted the adoption of modern human rights legislation in Canada: So, I transcribed the version found here into XeLaTeX with the help of those who came before me. You can find the documents below. This isn't guaranteed to be accurate and is for historical use only. Please contact me if you find any mistakes.

Saskatchewan Bill of Rights (letter size handout) and source.

Saskatchewan Bill of Rights (2x3 poster) and source.

This copy is licensed under Creative Commons, as is the content I used to create it (namely, a modified image of Regina's parliament, which is licensed at Library postcards - The style for the document uses the EB Garamond fontset and formatting is inspired by this.