Chalkboard Easel

I wanted a quick way to use my chalkboard without having to sit on the floor all the time. So here was my solution: an easel to hold it up. My sincere apologies for the imperial measurements in the BoM. Even in Canada that's still the way it's done :(. The schematic scale is in centimetres.


Bill of Materials

  1. Lumber Cheapest possible, two 2x2 (8 feet) and one 2x4 (8 feet).

  2. Stain Minwax wood finish, 215 Red Oak. The stain was dark to help hide imperfections in the wood.

  3. Nails Four spiral framing nails, 2 1/4".

  4. Hooks and chain Two gold framing hooks and one gold chain (3 feet).

The total cost was under $25.

To construct follow the schematic below (from LibreCAD). The lengths of wood specified above will mean that you won't have enough for a full beam across the centre. This beam has an evenly balanced load so I spliced two scrap pieces together. This is obviously not the best way of doing it. Considering the quality of the wood, I was unwilling to make the compromise for higher quality.