Just because it's foolish to carelessly run rm -rf doesn't stop people from doing it. Hopefully this eventually becomes a useful package. It intends to give users a small amount of time to react to a malformed rm command, at the least, protecting the folder from being totally wiped. The theory of operation: it's very simple, just a small but time-consuming-to-remove object early in the directory path. This is satisfied by a fairly simple structure, a folder consisting of many subfolders, up to some level of recursion. The rm command is known to be slow at dealing with this, and it also doesn't suck up a lot of storage space. It's that simple! Just move such a thing to your root directory, and rename it something like "aaaaaaaaaa" as in "aaaaaaaaaaaaa...whew I saved my partition from being wiped."


When I get the motivation to write this up there will be something here, a script to create the folder.