Here is a more complete list of my projects. Some of these might not be done yet. I'll finish them -- one day! Unless otherwise mentioned, code found on this website is distributed under a Creative Commons license: explicitly, that license is here.
  1. Aurora Modeling Software to detect and recognize auroral features.

  2. BeyondPartyLines A utility to vote alongside the Canadian House of Commons.

  3. BibTex Integration A suite of programs to integrate BibTex into my life.

  4. Bill of Rights A nicely typeset Saskatchewan Bill of Rights (1947).

  5. Cluster A pile of cheap Dell desktops to do my bidding.

  6. Easel An easel to hold up a chalkboard.

  7. EEG Electroencephalography software with active optical nerve signal filtering.

  8. GPS A cheap GPS module for something with a USB port.

  9. GTFSOffline An Android 4.4 app for offline bus and rail schedule information.

  10. Inventory A few Python scripts to keep track of food by barcode.

  11. Maple Tools Procedures to extend the functionality of Maple.

  12. Maxima Tools Tools to extend the functionality of Maxima.

  13. NUTrition Converts the nutritional information of a product into its nut eigenbasis.

  14. Password Vault A hardware password storage solution.

  15. Picroscope Automated microscopy with the Raspberry Pi.

  16. Recipe Management Allows a CRONOMETER database to generate a nicely formatted and flexible RecipeML and web-XML list of recipes.

  17. RGB LED Strip A custom Christmas light setup.

  18. RmProtector A script to protect against painful rm mistakes.

  19. Scirate Journal Club A python scraper to rank papers for upcoming journal club meetings.

  20. The Shannon Bound Compression using chaos. [Temporarily stalled.]

  21. Wikibox A Raspberry Pi running standalone Wikipedia.

  22. Xournal++ A fork of the Xournal++ notetaking software with a few much-needed bug fixes. Note: GPL licensed.

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